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Winter Comes and Motivation Goes

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It’s day four of our Aussie winter, but I already started saying goodbye to some healthy habits last month, as the cold came in. Waking up at 5am for the gym? FORGET IT. I’m too cold, too tired and feel like a bear going into hibernation. It was also my first month juggling part time work and the business, so meals have just been whatever we can get our hands on, plus a few cheeky orders from menulog and uber eats!

And there it is, I can feel you checking to see who has written this; “Hang on, this chick is a life coach right?” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I am not perfect, nor do I claim to be. What I do know is that the changes over the last month have taught me to go easy on myself.

My priority has been to build the business and put my head down into some serious work. The results? I may not look as bronzed and healthy as I did in my website pics, but I’ve met some amazing clients. Every time they walk out of my office, I feel like my heart is going to explode with joy. Too mooshy for some of you? Well, it’s the truth and if I have to go easy on my strict health routine for this period of time in my life, then so be it.

I’m not saying to throw it all away when winter strikes and work takes more hours of the day than usual. What I do want to encourage people to think about is the four seasons. Not only does this happen with weather but is inside of us and effects every aspect of our lives. Right now, my body is in full on winter mode. Apart from the hairy legs and unmanicured toes, this means that I give myself permission to sleep more, eat more and be indoors more than usual. If I didn’t go to the gym this week, it’s ok. For me it’s more important that I’m moving. This could mean I go for a walk, do a yoga class or just a few stretches on some days. If your body wants to slow down let it. I mean, don’t go full sloth for 3 months, but also don’t put massive rules and restrictions on yourself.

What you can do is take your vitamins and stay away from sick people, Better yet, if you are the person who happens to get sick? STAY HOME. Don’t be a hero and go into the office. Give your body time to rest and also give others a chance to stay well.

This time of year reminds me of having a nice red wine by the fire in a pub, or sitting under a thick fleece blanket excited to watch Game of Thrones (can’t wait for the final series next year!) Just like the seasons, we can’t expect ourselves to be sunshine all the time. We need the winter to appreciate the summer and vice versa. Remember, be gentle on yourself and enjoy the hibernation while you can.