Reiki has entered the mainstream over the last few years and is recognised as a complementary therapy to medicine. It’s often mentioned in the same category as acupuncture, reflexology and other natural therapies.

Reiki helps to regulate the body’s energy function through mind, body and spirit levels. It is something that truly reconnects the person back to themselves and is for anyone wanting a deeper understanding of their own life, as well as the world around them.

I am a qualified Reiki Master Level 3, with the intention to teach others one day. I conduct 1:1 Reiki sessions, as well as a combination of Reiki and Coaching. This pairs really well together and I highly recommend it. The client feels a deeper connection to their goals and actions when they connect on an energetic level. My clients have seen some amazing results when they have committed to this practice over several months.

I would love to work with you through Reiki, as it is a real passion of mine and such a great modality to introduce to people. I also use essentials oils and crystal healing in my practice, which enhances the experience and creates a soothing environment.

Reiki has genuinely changed my life and I encourage anyone to try it, you have so much to gain from the experience.

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