1:1 Coach

It’s funny how we don’t think twice to visit the doctor when we get sick, or to see the physio when we have a problem with movement, however as soon as we feel mentally unwell, we clam up.

We avoid talking about it because we believe the feelings will eventually go away if we suppress them enough. The hard truth? They don’t. Unfortunately, there’s no magic portal under your feet where bad thoughts go, or a spell for happiness to shoot into your head like a rainbow! (Sorry to break it to you.) What does happen if you don’t talk to someone? Stress, anxiety, poor eating, locking yourself inside the house and spending 10 hours sifting through Netflix eating chocolate until you can’t breathe. That was me. Convincing people (and myself) that I was just fine.

Let me help you figure it out. It doesn’t make you a weak person to put your hand up and say I CAN’T DEAL. It actually makes you stronger for facing your stuff head on. Coaching is a great tool, because it’s for people who don’t necessarily need therapy with a psychologist, but are feeling really stuck in their current situation. It’s a way to move forward and look at all aspects of your life; to get you from barely holding it together, to being the best version of you.

Reaching out to friends and family is great, but sometimes it isn’t enough. They are often too close to the situation and can’t help but take a subjective stance. As a coach, I create a safe space for you to express yourself fully and be who you are.

I don’t want you to come to me thinking you have to project yourself as “shiny and new” with just one tiny glitch! Let’s be real and have an honest conversation. Have I always had my shit together? Hell no! But it’s brought me here, to this stage of my life and for that I am thankful. Remember, I’m still learning things too, and my best teachers are my clients.

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