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Love It Or Hate It


I’m talking about my relationship with social media. Ironically, I’m now sharing this article via those platforms, but I just wanted to express my thoughts and feelings about them since launching my business.

Let me start with the positives. I love how it connects me with people who I just don’t get to see anymore. Some days I feel more connected than ever. Especially when I hear about new babies, engagements, career changes and basically any great moment in someone’s life. It lights me up inside. I’m all for sharing articles and videos that challenge the way society is, or help us to make sense of the world we live in today. I love that I have connected with more like minded businesses since I started and it’s opened doors that I would have never thought possible. The downside? Well, where do I start?

I was never a big user of social media before I launched my business. I was more of a quiet background creep. I would still scroll through every day and hit “like” on people’s posts, but was too shy to write or post anything myself. I think I’m over that whole phase now, but what I still struggle to understand, is how fickle the world of Instagram can be and how it’s existence sometimes does not resonate with the values of my business.

I couldn’t understand why people buy followers, follow you for a follow back, then drop you like a hot potato the next day and you’re left following all these people and you don’t know why. Did I mention follow? It’s like a fake currency that we trade with and your worth is based on how many people follow you, how many likes and comments you get on a post and how amazing your life “appears” to look. Don’t get me wrong, social media is a great tool for loads of businesses and creates a sense of community among many, but we need to be asking ourselves if we are being truly honest and authentic with our communication.

At first, Instagram got me down and I felt like I was in another country, trying to speak the native tongue without a dictionary or a tourist guide. Then I realised something. Instagram does not define me and my business. It is purely another channel for me to get my messages out to the people who matter and resonate with my brand. My relationships with potential clients happen either over the phone or face to face, like in the old days. My currency is human connection and energy work. You can’t translate that solely with an image. I refuse to try and fit into the Instagram box of perfect feeds where all the colours and fonts match all the time and there are perfect pictures of a mug on a table with a magazine. That’s just not me. Kudos to the people who produce these beautiful works of art, as they truly are gorgeous to look at, but who am I kidding? I’ve never been that polished version of a human. If you come over to our place for dinner, you will see that all of our plates are chipped because of my clumsy nature and most days I can barely do my hair and make-up. That’s just me.

And those boyfriend shots where your man takes your hand and it looks like you’re just casually leading him, walking into the ocean/sunset/cliff, well my husband would rather the cat take those pictures than him.

So I put this challenge to you; let’s stop worrying if our feeds are Instagram worthy and let’s starting posting completely and utterly from the heart. It doesn’t matter how many likes or comments we get, or how we look when we post. If we feel compelled to put something up because we love it, then do it. We need to stop comparing our lives to the strangers on Instagram and start sharing all of who we are, warts and all (I mean if you have a wart I probably wouldn’t take a picture of it but you catch my drift). Love and share your life through YOUR eyes, not through the manufactured lens of who social media says we SHOULD be.

How do you show up in the world of social media and is it really who you are?

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