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My Consumer Detox


I never knew what it meant to seriously “watch your money” until I quit my full-time job in sales to pursue my coaching business. Wow, what a reality check! I had saved for years to get to this point, but it was all the day to day things that I just took for granted, until I no longer had access to them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very fortunate that I’m in a supportive relationship where my husband has backed me and my decisions, but I’m not one to go and spend our hard-earned savings on the next shoe sale right now….

So, how do you watch what you spend, to save for that side hustle you want to turn into a full-time business? Or that car, house, or holiday you have been dreaming about for so long? Look, there’s no easy formula. Cutting back on dining out and online shopping addictions will help, but it’s about way more than that. It’s to do with our mindset. How much we honestly believe we need in order to feel whole, included, accepted and ENOUGH.

When I first cut back on all those things, I had a bit of a “consumer detox”. I went through all the stages of grief: Shock and denial, anger, loneliness, guilt, depression and reflection. I was someone who used to go out for client lunches every week, have the latest outfits, hair and make-up done and would be flattered when my colleagues complemented me on how I looked. From the outside, I had it all, but I was miserable. I was stuck in a career that just wasn’t me anymore and my immune system was shutting down. Every day the thought of putting on make-up and stilettos was making me physically ill. I needed out of this life I was pretending to live.

As soon as I realised that material things don’t define me as a person, that’s when my world opened up. There is so much to be thankful for in life. A walk on the beach, or a gym session is worth so much more to me than looking like a fashionista or going to the latest café’s and bars. Sure, those things are NICE to have, but I am still me without them. In fact, I’m more ME than I ever have been and it feels really good.

We live in a world where consumerism has been killing the environment for years and we are only now starting to wake up to the message; enough is enough. So why not start being more aware of your footprint on the planet and next time you go to buy that 10th pair of jeans ask yourself, is this really what I need right now?

6 thoughts on “My Consumer Detox”

  1. Well said !! I’ve definitely become better with my spending but I am always tempted to buy something new for the next “Girls Night Out”! 😉

  2. Throw in a couple of kids in the mix and that shift changes more progressively and naturally….the me slowly becomes them/we….so not longer ‘all about me’ syndrome… although the spending still continues, in the quest to show your kids the world we live in!

  3. Great post – thanks for sharing. I work for a retail company which probably doesn’t help my unhealthy obsession for shopping, but I definitely agree that you can put your money towards something so much more valuable than the next pair of designer shoes that go on sale… The detox is hard but necessary.

    1. I’m so glad it resonated with you! We live in a time where everything is so accessible and it is so easy to just keep buying without wanting to look at the bank account and ask ourselves why we want it in the first place.

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